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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oganized Revolution Challenge - Office

So I am partaking in the Organized Revolution Challenge that is on

Here are my after pictures for my office desk challenge.

I really enjoyed this task. I look forward to seeing others pictures, as well as future weeks in this challenge.

This is the wall that I put up the cork board and wall mounted file dividers, for which all 3 are labeled but just a bit too small to see in this pic. I also have the manilla folders inside that are also labeled. I hung up my new calendar for 2013 this week and since it is a family picture calendar, that was really fun to do.
The other thing that I got was the spinning office organizer, which works wonders for me, since I can see what is inside of each container and each container is labeled, this makes it easy, accessible and organized.

This is my desk, which prior to the challenge, I haven't seen in a while. I love how it looks now. I am looking forward to keeping it clean.

I even labeled my trays so that I will be less inclined to put stuff in one without thinking. The paper is even labeled: scrap paper and good paper.

 Even though this picture is a bit hard to see clearly, this is the spinning organizer that I found that is great for office supplies.

I also recently purchased this binder organizer. It works for me because I use a lot of binders to keep things organized. The Black binder is my Organize Challenge Binder, with different tips on organizing different spaces in my home. The Blue binder is the script and other documents for Princeton Schools play that I am working with. The Red binder is all of the Foster care information. The note book and black portfolio is for a convention that I am working in 2 weeks.

Happy Organizing All!

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