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Friday, October 21, 2011

New Beginnings

This phrase is used so frequently for many occasions: Pregnancy, Birth, New Job, Promotion, Graduation, Moving, etc. I have decided that it mean something a bit different for me and my husband. As some of my good friends and family know, Matt and I have been going though the process of becoming licensed to be Foster Parents. While this has not happened yet, we are getting very close to that deadline and we are working very hard to finish getting all of the paperwork and meetings completed. We are also both seriously looking for better paying jobs and for Matt a set schedule compared to his current retail schedule. We are focused on paying off our debts and reconsidering what could be splurge spending. We are planning out our meals for work and at home better to save money and prevent waste. We are trying to put things away right away and learning to multitask, such as folding laundry while watching anime. These are our new beginnings.

We are continuing with some good habits like recycling and the compost pile. Going to bed at reasonable hours and getting up each day no later than 8am. We are working together, like we always have, to start and finish projects around the house. As we have finished some projects we have started others and the house is looking better because of it.

Then of course we are starting some more typical activities, such as starting our own D&D table top game hosted at our home and for me being department head of staff suite for OhayoCon, as well as this blog. I hope that we can make progress on all fronts.